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acupressure chinese medicine massage meridians Mar 13, 2021
Angela Chambers Acupressure

It’s so cool to see how many of you love Acupressure. It’s such a pleasure to see you practice and enjoy Self-Acupressure and it’s many benefits. 

This is why I created this month's video on how you can massage the Yin Meridians of your arm to balance the Yang Meridians of the leg.

It’s much easier than it sounds, check out the video here. I've made a printable for this practice too, so you can stick it up in your home or office and be reminded of the practice, click here to download. For general Meridian palpitations, I often use the doTERRA Deep Blue roller because it is diluted and excellent for pain and soothing. If you're interested in learning more about Essential Oils with me, find details here.

When practising Acupressure, it's good to notice the sensations you may feel and where the tender points are.

Why do you want to know your tender points?

Imbalances in one of the Elements, tend to manifest as a stagnation of the Qi flow within the Meridian corresponding to the Element.

It takes years of study to become skilled at finding and treating these energy blocks, but anyone can learn how to palpate and massage these energy pathways to relieve pain and restore balance when they need it. 

By getting familiar with the Meridian Anatomy and the meaning of the Elements, you can begin to understand where your energy tends to stagnate and how to relieve the tension and balance the flow.

I teach all of this in The Five online course which is still open for enrolment and the live calls begin today, Saturday (13 March 2021)!


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