The Art of Acupressure

Support your body’s self-healing response through the wisdom of Chinese medicine

with Angela Chambers

Lic. Acupuncturist & Chinese medicine Practitioner


A life-changing program to enhance your self-healing skills through the ancient wisdom of Chinese medicine.

Would you like to...


Start using Acupressure in your daily life?

Combine essential oils with Acupressure to support your health and well-being?

Understand the Meridian and energy pathways and how they directly influence our health?

Learn how to accurately diagnose and balance the affected Meridian system?

Create your own Acupressure sequence combined with the appropriate essential oils?

Have direct access to ask Angela questions and learn in a supportive environment?


Yes, I would!
Angela Chambers Acupressure with gua sha stone

"The beauty of self-acupressure is that you get to know and help yourself at any moment. You only need your hands, a little bit of time and if possible an oil, that's it."

- Angela Chambers

This program will include:


  • Live* classes and pre-recorded practice sessions with Angela.
  • Clear, simple instructions to implement the power of Acupressure into your life.

  • Downloadable course material for each session with Meridians, Acupressure points and Essential Oil study.

  • An introduction to the five element acupressure points of each Meridian to balance the body and calm the mind.

  • Q&A lives* and support from Angela in our private Facebook community.

*All live sessions are recorded and replays are added to the course.

Angela Chambers with essential oil on pulse

"This course is simply wonderful.

Angela has a magical lightness with which she brings the topics of TCM, acupressure and essential oils closer. Her passion is contagious and literally sweeps you along.
I can recommend this workshop to anyone who wants to treat themselves well - not only for your body, but also for your soul.
You really learn how to make a difference with just a few movements and you get so much knowledge and material that you can try out and find your way in the world of oils in combination with acupressure.
Thank you, Angela!"
- Sandra Z

"This course added another layer in the understanding of the flow of my energy and how to rebalance it in a simple yet effective way.

I loved the combination of Acupressure with essential oils and I'm beyond grateful for all the wisdom and knowledge that's been shared, following Angela's guidance is a real pleasure."
- Martina

"Angela has put all her heart into this course.

It’s really nice to be taught by someone who is passionate and at the same time understands how to simplify concepts so that it’s easy to grab. You’ve really done a great job, and I’m looking forward to the next sessions!"
- Dominique

Regular self-acupressure, along with healthy lifestyle choices, support a strong body and a calm mind.

Some of the benefits Acupressure:

Reduces and prevent tension and pain.

Increase circulation and lymph flow.

Enabling the body to relax deeply.

Strengthen the body's resistance.

Help to manage stress.

Help to support emotional balance.

Used as a beauty treatment for glowing skin and relaxed facial muscles.

It's a valuable tool to connect through healing touch with oneself and others. 

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Inside The Art of Acupressure

Every week a new module will open up for you. The material is here for you to discover, download and keep for the lifetime of this course. Every time there is a new edition you are invited to participate and revisit the course material

Dates for Live Sessions*:

  • 26 October
  • 16 November
  • 23 November

*The replays of the calls will be available in the course.

Module 1 | Introduction

What is Acupressure and how it works

How to choose Essential Oils for your Acupressure session

Module 2 | Arm Yin

The three Arm Yin Meridians

The Antique Points for each Arm Yin Meridian

Module 3 | Arm Yang

The three Arm Yang Meridians

The Antique Points for each Arm Yang Meridian

Module 4 | Leg Yin

The three Leg Yin Meridians

The Antique Points for each Leg Yin Meridian

Module 5 | Leg Yang

The three Leg Yang Meridians

The Antique Points for each Leg Yang Meridian

References | Resources

List of Resources and recommended reading material

A glossary of terms used in Chinese medicine

In The Art of Acupressure, you will discover the meridians and how you can influence your health from within.

About Your Mentor

Hi, I'm Angela Chambers

I'm a Senior Acupuncturist, 5 Element Specialist and teacher of Qi Cultivation. 
In 2010, I created Meridian Flow, an integrative Chinese Medicine Practice in La Tour-de-Peilz, nestled between Vevey and Montreux on the Swiss Riviera.

I create tailored Acupuncture treatments and programs for people looking for better health, less stress and an empowered approach to their wellbeing.

Each of my patients receives lifestyle advice and Acupressure suggestions specifically for their case. Through teaching so many people about Acupressure, the online course the Art of Acupressure was born.

I believe that giving yourself or someone you love an Acupressure massage is a potent way to use healing touch to activate the self-healing response of the body.

I work with people that want to take their health back into their own hands and create a balanced life of physical, emotional and energetic health.

Acupressure is an important part of my practice and people love it because it’s simple and so effective.

If you're ready to discover the art of Acupressure, join me!

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Frequently Asked Questions

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The information contained in this course is intended solely for educational purposes and should not be seen as medical advice. You must never disregard professional medical advice, or delay seeking medical advice because you are accessing and using the information provided in this course. The information cannot be used for the purpose of diagnosing or treating any disease or health concern.

Although Angela Chambers is a professional, nothing contained in this course creates an actual or implied doctor-patient relationship. You must always speak with your healthcare provider before starting any new approach to managing your health, including vitamins and minerals, exercise and other therapeutic modalities.

Meridian Flow cannot and does not give any guarantees on results with our information, courses, programs, masterclasses, or coaching. You recognize and agree that nobody and nothing part of the Meridian Flow brand has made any implications, warranties, promises, suggestions, projections, representations or guarantees whatsoever to you about future results of your health, or that you will cure any illness with Meridian Flow courses, programs, masterclasses, or coaching.