The Five Qi



Access the power of the five elements

for health, radiance and harmony


Access the power of the five elements

for health, radiance and harmony

Do you seek inner calm, energetic fluency and the ability to create radiant health? 


Do you want to apply the wisdom of Chinese Medicine to your life?

This course will show you how to know and grow yourself through the lens of Five Element energy cultivation.

You will discover how the deep wisdom of the Five Elements relates to you and learn how to take care of yourself, naturally throughout the seasons with Acupressure, Qi cultivation and Essential Oils. 

If you’re ready to learn how to simply and consistently elevate your life, 


Welcome to The Five.

A course for women desiring to apply the ancient wisdom of Chinese medicine to their health and life.

"THE FIVE is a wonderful course - filled with knowledge about the 5 elements and their individual characteristics, abilities and energies.

Angela's passion and her wonderfully lively lightness to bring you closer to this millennia-old teaching to be able to use it for yourself is really contagious.
With great enthusiasm, she opens up this world filled to the brim in such a wonderfully understandable way that you can really feel the character, the qualities and the flow of energy of each individual element.

All this incredibly valuable knowledge in combination with the wonderful world of oils and acupressure is a true treasure. Not only for that of the mind but also for that of the heart.
Angela's courses are an enrichment and for whoever wants to do something good for their energy and the flow of life, I can only warmly recommend them."

Sandra Zinsmeister


This course includes the original The Five course and expands on it. 

We will dive deep into the blueprint of the five elemental Qi, define them within and around ourselves to be able to implement their gifts straight into our lives. 

Each element has its nature, its organ systems and meridians, its soul aspect and tendencies for harmony or disharmony. 

Throughout this course, we will explore the keys to understanding The Five as the energetics for health, harmony and balance through the ancient wisdom teachings of Chinese medicine.

In this journey through the wisdom of The Five, we take time to absorb and apply each phase into our lives.
Go deeper into the theory and application of the five elemental energies.

In addition to the course material, you receive:

  • Theory classes & Q&A sessions
  • One live Qi cultivation practice to enhance Qi flow specifically for each element
  • Access to recordings of all previous sessions
  • Lifetime access to the updated The Five course, including all study materials and video classes
  • A certificate of attendance for those completing the course and assessment 

*Next live sessions coming mid 2023


Praise from past students of The Five

"Angela’s unique style and her knowledge are truly inspiring, she manages to present a lot of valuable information in a simple and effective way. The FIVE course was so uplifting that I wouldn't have wanted to miss it!"

“Of all the online courses I’ve done, this is one of the most valuable I’ve ever completed. Angela's energy really came across despite not being face to face. It was wonderful.”

"I love this course and have been able to use it in my daily life since the very first day, integrating more and more nourishing gifts each time I go over my notes. This is true self-healing, I feel more harmony in my body and my energy system than ever before."

The Five Qi is designed as a guide to familiarise yourself with the basics of Chinese medicine and to incorporate these powerful principles into your life immediately to create inner and outer harmony. 

The Five Qi is an invitation to...

Understand your energy better

Experience emotional, mental and physical harmony and balance as you learn to live with the natural seasons of life

Apply the basics of Chinese Medicine to your life

Explore Meridians, Acupressure, Essential Oils and more in a simplified and practical way

Learn to connect within

Learn how to locate and massage the energy pathways and points of the body for health and self-care

“Angela Chambers integrates all true gems that belong to ancient wisdom (TCM-Taoism) in a very UNIQUE way. Combining Essential Oils and Acupressure points was for me a transformative, profound and nourishing experience.

I was shifted from panic to a balanced inner-knowing discovering the energy inside me as a source of resilience guided by Angela’s care.

I knew how to meditate etc., but I needed something more PALPABLE, more physical for my body and to feel that blood, oxygen and nutrients circulate. That’s what I experience in this course. I felt good after the practices, rooted, with joy, and peace. Such a great gift to myself! I was honored."


Mallorca, Spain

What's included in The Five Qi

The course consists of

  • 5 months of study and live teaching with Angela Chambers (2023 dates TBC)
  • 7 modules and over 5 hours of recorded lectures and theory
  • An overview of the Chinese Medicine terminology and an introduction to the Elements
  • A break down of each of the Elements, its nature, strengths and how to keep them balanced
  • Short movement and sound meditation practice for each Element
  • Visual illustrations by Angela
  • Acupressure points explained for self-massage and easy reference
  • Essential Oil selections to support each Element
  • Delicious recipes and lifestyle hacks to nourish each Element
  • Support through our private Facebook Community and Angela

"When I found Angela on Instagram, the first thing I noticed was her wise and yet playful and serene way to inspire with ancient Chinese medicine wisdom, yoga and essential oils. I joined the Five with the intention to learn more about the connection of body and mind and was looking for ways to keep myself centred, energized and calm. I learned all of this and so much more. The Five is a well-organized course with great live sessions and brief yet potent materials and lectures on acupressure, elements and the basics of traditional Chinese medicine. It gives clear advice on how to balance and live through the seasons which keeps helping me move through life with more grace, understanding and love. I am thankful for the opportunity to learn with Angela, who teaches with great clarity, humor and kindness. It’s always a pleasure."

Silja Mahlow

Founder of Glücksplanet, Germany

"I completely loved every second of it! The information was ancient but shared in a modern context and the practices were user friendly and very simply implemented into my daily routine. What stands out to me most though is I feel more connected to my energy rhythms and I know that the practices are impacting positively on my health! Wonderful course energy feelers and lovers - this is a MUST DO!"



"When I did The Five course first time round last year, it had a really profound effect on my whole outlook of self-care.  I was particularly interested to do the course when I read about the inclusion of using essential oils alongside acupressure, and how you brought it to life throughout the course was magical. Particularly the beautiful balms that accompanied each element and learning how to make them! 

I’m a slow learner and need to regularly go over what I’ve been learning for it to really sit and register, and definitely learn by feeling it in my body. So the fantastic easy to understand handouts that accompanied each module have been priceless for me to keep re-reading, and continually absorb. I still have the wonderful acupressure practices taped to the inside of my bedroom wardrobe door, which I regularly open up to sit and practice for calm in the evening. 

Having also now got most of the books from the superb reading list you recommended to accompany the course, which has been a constant source of inspiration and vital information about TCM and the Five Elements, I’m definitely now eager to learn more and really couldn’t recommend this beautiful course more highly."

Natascha Zeller


"Back in the Spring of 2020, I joined The Five. I was curious and interested to know more about Chinese Medicine, I just started to use Essential oils, and The Five seemed a wonderful opportunity to combine those two worlds. Since the beginning Angela's passion for her work made me feel I was at the right place! The organization of the course, the materials, and the amazing live calls Angela offered were a real treat! It was one of the best decisions and moments of 2020. I learned many amazing things during the course, and the best thing is that I integrated Qi practices into my daily life, bringing so much energy and connection into my world. Thank you, Angela. I'm forever grateful."

Sofia Fonseca


Inside The Five

This course is offered in German & English

Discover radiant health


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€290,00 x 2

About Your Instructor

Hi, I'm Angela Chambers

I'm a registered Acupuncturist & Chinese Medicine Practitioner, Yoga teacher and Qi Gong enthusiast.

I work with people that want to take their health back into their own hands and create a balanced life, in my Acupuncture clinic or online.

Since completing my studies in Australia and China in 2003, I have been integrating Chinese Medicine, Energy Cultivation and Essential Oils into my Clinical Practice. Further, I have been very fortunate to apprentice under renowned Chinese Medicine doctors in Australia, China and Britain to continuously deepen my study and practice of Acupuncture and the Energy arts.

When I’m not with my family or walking in the woods, I create online courses for people who want to learn how to integrate Chinese medicine health cultivation, Meridian Flow yoga and essential oils into their lives.

I look forward to sharing this wisdom with you!

Angela Chambers

"Over two decades of living with the Seasons, studying with Masters and learning from erudite books, I've come to understand and practice the art of energy cultivation on a daily basis. The time has come to share this wisdom with you." - Angela Chambers

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