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Embrace Your Inner Flow:

Exploring Emotions and the Five Elements

*Pre-Recorded Series

Angela Chambers, Acupressure and Essential Oils

In this intro series you will

gain insights into the emotional landscape, discover how each element relates to specific emotions, and learn practical techniques to restore balance and harmony.


Are you feeling...

  • Overwhelmed by your emotions and yearning for a sense of inner harmony?
  • A need to cultivate a sense of groundedness and stability?
  • Confused by your emotions?
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What will you learn during this immersion?

The Five Elements & their Emotions

Acupressure for The Elements

Essential Oils for The Elements

In Chinese medicine, the Five Elements theory provides a framework for understanding the interplay between our physical, emotional, and energetic aspects. Each of the Five Elements (Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water) is associated with specific emotions, among other qualities.

Understanding the relationship between the Five Elements and emotions empowers you to navigate your emotional landscape, cultivate balance, foster harmonious relationships, and embark on a path of holistic well-being and personal growth.


This 5-Day Immersion is designed to give you an overview of the connection between your emotions and the elements. You will gain practical skills to manage your feelings while embracing your inner flow.


Here are the Daily Details



Acupressure & Oils for the Wood Element

Techniques to release anger and frustration and nurture creativity and personal growth through acupressure.

Fire Element


Acupressure & Oils for the Fire Element

Techniques to cultivate joy and manage anxiety, and balance energy for a harmonious emotional state.

Earth Element


Acupressure & Oils for the Earth Element

Techniques to alleviate worry and overthinking and cultivate a sense of groundedness and stability through acupressure.

Metal Element


Acupressure & Oils for the Metal Element

Techniques for releasing grief and sadness and facilitating the process of letting go and embracing new beginnings.

Water Element


Acupressure & Oils for the Water Element

Techniques to address fear and insecurity and enhance adaptability and flow through acupressure.


Kind Words for Angela's Teachings

"I'm so grateful for my new knowledge thanks to you. Also the tools are so beneficial and I feel more in the flow. In my own flow. Thank you!"

Liza K

"Listening to you tell us about what you love is just amazing. You have a wonderful way of imparting your knowledge and making it experienceable."

Nadja W

Angela Chambers, Registered Acupuncturist & Chinese Medicine Mentor

Hey, I'm Angela.

Registered Acupuncturist & Chinese Medicine Mentor, Qi Gong Student and founder of Meridian Flow.

I work with people that want to take their health back into their own hands and create balance and harmony in their energy fields.

Since completing my studies in Australia and China in 2003, I have integrated Chinese Medicine, Energy Cultivation and Essential Oils into my Clinical Practice.

I have been very fortunate to apprentice under renowned Chinese Medicine doctors in Australia, China and Britain in the two decades of practice and continuous study of Acupuncture and Energy Cultivation.

When I'm not with my favourite humans or walking in the woods with my dog, I create online courses for people who want to learn how to integrate Chinese medicine health cultivation, Meridian Flow yoga and essential oils into their lives.

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*Pre-Recorded Series