Meridian Flow Resources and Courses

based on ancient Chinese wisdom for modern people.

Meridian Flow Offerings

Resources and Courses based on ancient Chinese wisdom for modern people.


Online Courses

Let's take care of your energy

The Three Essentials

The Three Essentials is a transformative 12-week online program designed specifically for women who want to cultivate inner peace, confidence, and the power to attract what they desire.

Starts 27 June 2024.


The Art of Acupressure

Discover the art of self-acupressure, learn the meridians and energy pathways and how you can influence your health within. 

This course is available in English and German.



The Five Qi


Get familiar with Chinese Medicine and discover how to know and grow yourself through the lens of Five Element energy cultivation. 

This course is available in English and German.



Facial Gua Sha & Acupressure

Beautiful You Masterclass: Learn the techniques of Facial Gua Sha and Acupressure Massage for glowing skin.

This course is in English and German.



Qi Cultivation Practice

A series of five 30-minute classes to cultivate Qi. Each class is based on the five Element teachings, Meridian activation and Qi gong.

English Only.


Inner Flow Rituals

A 90-minute Master Class. Discover beauty from a Chinese medicine perspective and create daily rituals to enhance your energy flow and radiance.

This course is available in English and German.



Free Resources

to start your journey

Emotions & The Five Elements

Are you ready to cultivate emotional well-being?

Embrace your Inner Flow and explore the emotions and the five elements.

Join the 5-Day Series

Emotionen & die fĂĽnf Elemente

Bist du bereit, dein emotionales Wohlbefinden zu unterstĂĽtzen?

Entdecke die Energie der GefĂĽhle aus Sicht der fĂĽnf Elemente.

Mach mit bei der 5-Tägigen Serie

Self-Acupressure Sequence

Calm your mind & ground yourself. A FREE 4-minute guided practice including a hand-drawn illustration of the Acupoints we use. 

(English Only).

Get your FREE Sequence

The Balm Class


A FREE mini-course on creating your own natural balms at home in no time. Includes recipes and essential oil blends. 

(English Only).

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"My personal experience with Angela’s The Five, Art of Acupressure and Beautiful You courses, has been such a great experience and still is.

I very much appreciate Angela's approach and how she translates technical information about owning our Qi into simple, detailed, fun and yet profound exercises to free life energy and restore health. Letting me feel, learn and practice at my own pace fits perfect with my working schedule. Love the practical and theoretical hands-on approach in her courses. Integrating +/_ 8 min Acupressure and/or Gua Sha moments into my day, keeps a lot away and gives so much in return.  So grateful to Angela!"

- Donatienne Vander Elst

"Since I first saw one of Angela’s drawings explaining acupressure points to use to support yourself, my curiosity about her take on wellbeing has grown. I am currently taking her Beautiful You class and I love it. She has very clear video’s explaining what to do, and beautiful pdf’s with her drawings so you know exactly what to do. Her voice is very calming and relaxing to me and when I had questions Angela was so kind and answered them all! I think that when you’re curious about acupressure and what it can do for you, Angela is a teacher who will show you the way. And she does so very practical, so it is easy to follow and implement in your daily life!!"

- Hasse Cox

Angela Chambers, Acupuncturist
Av. du Clos d'Aubonne 17, 1814 La Tour-de-Peilz, Switzerland
+41 79 791 50 41  |  [email protected]

An Integrative Chinese Medicine Practice in Vevey, Switzerland. Specialised in Acupuncture and The Five Elements. In-person treatment and online mentorship.