Integrative Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture Clinic

based in La Tour-de-Peilz, Switzerland.

Specialising in Balance Method Acupuncture.

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Integrative Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture Clinic

based in Vevey, Switzerland.

Specialising in Balance Method Acupuncture.

Regulate your body's energy flow and support the self healing response.


As one of the oldest forms of healthcare globally, acupuncture was developed over the course of 3,000 years within the context of traditional medicine philosophy in China.

By inserting very fine needles into designated points on the body, acupuncturists seek to influence qi's flow or vital energy to restore a patient’s overall harmony and balance.


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Acupuncture with Angela Chambers

What to expect

Acupuncture focuses on balancing the body's meridians (energy channels) to promote healing and alleviate pain.

The first part of your treatment in consists of exploring your health history, your signs and symptoms. Your diagnosis according to Chinese Medicine and the treatment strategy will be explained to you.

For the treatment, very fine, single-use needles are inserted into acupuncture points to promote and regulate your body's energy flow and self-healing response.

The needles stay in place for 30-45 min while you relax and enjoy the comfortable space.
After the treatment, self-care and lifestyle suggestions are discussed with you to ensure the treatment's success.

What is Balance Method

The Balance Method is a form of acupuncture that was developed by the late acupuncture master, Dr Richard Teh-Fu Tan.

Dr Tan’s approach to the ancient practice of acupuncture, the Balance Method, ensures the efficacy of each acupuncture session, often bringing about immediate relief.

I have been part of the Balance Method Acupuncture lineage since 2015 and practice this method in my Clinic with impressive results ranging from pain relief and women’s health to stress-related conditions.

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Angela Chambers Acupuncturist

"Absolutely amazing experience. Angela is very professional and has deep knowledge of what she is doing. On top, she is a very pleasant person where you feel in good hands. I can only recommend her warmly."

- Hana Aigner


Meridian Flow Acupuncture Clinic is located at Av. du Clos d'Aubonne 17, 1814 La Tour-de-Peilz, Switzerland.

By appointment only. Please contact Angela or make a booking online, here.

Telephone: +41 79 791 50 41 

Email: [email protected]


1 session
50-70 min / Fr. 130.-


Member of ASCA and TCM-FV.
Here you can check if your insurance is listed with ASCA.


Please wear comfortable, non-restrictive clothing that easily exposes the arms and legs as you do not need to get undressed.

It is recommend that you consult with your health insurance company in advance if they will reimburse the treatment.

Please note that cancellations made later than 24 hours before the appointment will be charged.


⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Google Reviews

Angela takes a lot of time to understand your needs/issues, before starting the actual treatment session. She is highly professional & experienced and such a lovely and positive person. I highly recommend her to everyone looking for a best-in-class acupuncture treatment service. She also introduced me to the use of essential oils and helped me with my stress management and digestion problems.

- Marc Gysin

The acupuncture really helped me with my sleep problems. The energy was so welcoming and comfortable. Great way to put time aside to relax and get in touch with yourself.

- Stella Neuner


Angela is very nice, very knowledgeable and really cares about the wellbeing of her clients. I go for regular sessions because it really helped me to resume my inner balance, to convince me again that I am in charge of my own health and that a good flow of energy helps you feeling good and healthy. Last but not least, it doesn`t hurt at all and you really feel better and can recommend to everybody to give it a try.

- Eugene

Angela re-balanced my body with several acupuncturist sessions and guided me how to take care of myself, which help me slowly to transform my busy life. Part of Angela’s therapy was linked to usage of doTERRA pure therapeutic essential oils, tools which I use on daily basis and which allow me to help myself based on my actual conditions. Angela enriched my life and I’m endless thankful for everything that she has done for me.

- Ellena May

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Angela Chambers, Acupuncturist
Av. du Clos d'Aubonne 17, 1814 La Tour-de-Peilz, Switzerland
+41 79 791 50 41  |  [email protected]

An Integrative Chinese Medicine Practice in Vevey, Switzerland. Specialised in Acupuncture and The Five Elements. In-person treatment and online mentorship.