Meridian Flow Method

A 3-month private online mentorship



A personal journey of transformation,

implementing the ancient Chinese medicine program for rejuvenation, radiance and inner peace.

Discover the path to embodied self-care and personal empowerment as Angela guides you to apply the Meridian Flow method to your life.

You are your greatest project... Discover what is possible for you.

Do you feel tired of a life that drains your strength, overwhelms you, and does not allow you to manifest your dreams?

Do you keep giving but feel empty and unable to reconnect to yourself?

Do you have dreams but no energy to fulfil them?

Are your weight and energy levels fluctuating?

Do you experience mood swings, low libido and poor sleep quality?

I have helped hundreds of women cultivate their feminine energy, magnetic presence and the joy of expressing themselves without self-imposed limits or fear of the judgment of others. 

With the Meridian Flow Method, I guide you to regain your power.

When you learn to take good care of your energy, your energy takes care of you.


Transformative Tools and Methods

How to wisely use the rhythms of nature as your own

Discover the Chinese medicine model of the three treasures and their importance for our health and magnetism 

How to apply the five phases of transformation to your life

To deepen your understanding of the  Chinese medicine way of health prevention and rejuvenation 

How to create a unique connection with yourself and strengthen your self-esteem 

How to use tools such as Acupressure, Gua Sha, and Essential Oils for emotional balance, rejuvenation and energetic fluency

Discover why and where you lose energy and how to recover and cultivate more to create balance in your emotional and physical body.


Angela Chambers


Meridian Flow Method

Online Life Mentorship

  • Three months of 1:1 calls with Angela (up to 3 calls per month).
  • Three months of personal guidance and support via Voxer, a voice & text messaging app (at specific times) to enhance any aspect of your life.
  • A complete analysis of your energetic tendencies according to the five elements with a tailored program to balance your energetics.
  • Access to all of Angela's courses for the duration of your mentorship.
Angela Chambers illustration

Payment Options

for Meridian Flow Method Online Private Mentorship

Once-Off Payment
€1999,00 EUR

Save €332 by paying in full

3 Monthly Payments
€777,00 EUR x 3

Pay €2331 over 3 months

Book a free discovery call with me to decide if this mentorship is for you.


The Meridian Flow method:

Simple, wise, and transformative

Discover your unique path to a new level of 

  • self-care

  • self-responsibility

  • personal growth

Angela Chambers Qi cultivattion

It's your time to tune in, gain insight and nourish yourself

with the caring guidance and personal attention of

Angela Chambers

Registered Chinese medicine practitioner,
Acupuncturist and five Element Specialist



If you have further questions regarding the mentorship, please email [email protected]

Book a free discovery call with me to decide if this mentorship is for you.