Nourish your Fire

qi summer the five elements Jun 16, 2021

Our Fire aspect represents fulfilment: the expression and integration of our being, including our expansion, maturation and development.

We recognise balanced Fire in joyful people, have a tranquil mind, good memory, clear senses, a sparkle in their eyes and good circulation.

In balance, Fire shows itself as an overflowing enthusiasm for life. The Fire in you draws people to you, and you may thrive on drama and excitement.

When Fire has lost its balance, there may be intense craving for affection, feeling needy and anxious often. Physically there may be rashes, perspiration problems, sleep disturbances and palpitations.


How to Balance the Fire in you:

  • Eat a simple diet that engages your senses. Enjoy the flavours of vegetables and fruits of this season, when it’s hot, use cooling and small amounts of bitter foods such as cucumbers, chicory (read more in Healing with Wholefoods by Paul Pitchford)
  • Meditation, self-reflection, trusting your intuition, connecting to your Heart often and taking time to listen to your inner voice.
    Inner smile meditation for the Heart, to calm the Shen and ground. ( link to YouTube)
  • Recall dreams and journaling emotions. By writing your thoughts and emotions down, you can release them, especially before you retire to bed. Allow yourself to empty your mind before sleep to have a restful night.
  • Create a nourishing home environment. Wherever you live, you can make it your kingdom. Make it cosy, nourishing, and so that you love being in your space.
  • Connect to one’s destiny. Listen to the voice of your Heart; that’s where you find your truth and that inner fire for particular things that are unique to you. It feels like electricity in the solar plexus or Heart region when the Heart is activated.
  • Emotional and physical balance lets the Heart Shen or our mind do its job of governing the body's health through the harmonious interaction of all organs, tissues and cells.
  • Cultivating friendships and relationships nourishes our Heart energy tremendously.
  • To go deeper, use the Acu Flows, Oils and Fire Practices (like the practice included in this post) to get to know and balance your Fire. The Five Online Course provides more information on this. Learn more about The Five


Take care of yourself, and have a wonderful summer!


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