Acupressure to support your body’s self-healing capacity

acupressure chinese medicine meridians self-care Oct 23, 2021
Angela Chambers Self-Acupressure

How is your Qi?

In Chinese medicine, it's common knowledge that smooth flowing Qi is the key ingredient for health. Stagnant or blocked Qi causes pain and disease.

When we see health from an energy perspective, we realise how we can access our Qi directly, through the energy channels of the body. We become empowered to take care of ourselves in a new way.

Owning your Qi

Imagine you could support your Qi with your hands, and you could influence the way energy circulates within your body.

In my clinical practice, I show my clients how to do self-acupressure between treatments to maintain what we have done in our Acupuncture sessions. This has proven to have excellent results and my patients feel empowered in their healing journey. Especially combined with an Essential Oil, the experience becomes such a pleasant self-care ritual, that people enjoy and stick with.

Acupressure is a modality of traditional Chinese medicine that is used to stimulate the body's self-healing abilities. Through stimulating acupressure points and energy pathways, muscle tension is released, and Qi and blood can flow more easily to support health and harmony within.

  Check out the benefits Acupressure can bring you to your health:

  • Reduces and prevent tension and pain.
  • Increase circulation and lymph flow.
  • Enabling the body to relax deeply.
  • Strengthen the body's resistance.
  • Help to manage stress.
  • Help to support emotional balance.
  • Used as a beauty treatment for glowing skin and relaxed facial muscles.
  • It's a valuable tool to connect through healing touch with oneself and others. 


If you're interested in learning more about Acupressure or the other powerful tools of ancient Chinese medicine that I use daily (personally and with patients in my clinic), find out more here.



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