Acupoints & Essential Oils: San Jiao 10 & Petitgrain

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Acupoint and Oil series, San Jiam 10 and Petitgrain with an image of Angela Chambers smelling an oil


Welcome back to the Acupressure and Essential Oils series!

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In today's exploration, we take a look at the San Jiao meridian, also known as the triple heater or triple warmer meridian, or in German it's the Dreifach-Erwärmer.

If you prefer video, watch here: Acupoints & Essential Oils: San Jiao 10 & Petitgrain

San Jiao 10

Unlike the organs recognised in Western medicine, the San Jiao is not a physical organ but rather a functional concept related to the regulation of water and energy metabolism. This energetic pathway plays a crucial role in harmonising the body's various organs and facilitating the smooth flow of fluids and energy.

The term "San Jiao" translates to "Triple Heater," representing three parts of the body: the upper area (heart and lungs), the middle area (stomach and spleen), and the lower area (liver, kidneys, and intestines). These parts work together to make sure fluids and heat move around the body properly.

This energetic pathway plays a crucial role in harmonising the body's various organs and facilitating the smooth flow of fluids and energy. Let's dive into the specifics of San Jiao 10, also called Tianjing.

San Jiao 10 - The Gateway to Harmony

San Jiao 10, situated on the back of the elbow, is a vital He-Sea point and the earth point of the San Jiao meridian, which itself is associated with the fire element. This acupressure point holds a significant role in transforming phlegm and regulating rebellious qi, ensuring the proper flow of energy in the body.

This point becomes particularly relevant when qi circulation is disrupted, leading to issues like coughing, breathing difficulties, and discomfort in the head and neck. Tianjing, San Jiao 10 is also useful in addressing mental and emotional imbalances, such as anxiety, stress, and feelings of overwhelm.

Locating and Massaging San Jao 10

To find San Jiao 10, locate your elbow bone and move one finger width (one cun) behind it. You'll hit the point precisely.

Massage it gently to experience its transformative effects. This simple ritual not only addresses physical concerns but also brings attention to the meridian, influencing the qi in your entire system.

You can massage each side individually or simultaneously; ensure your arms are relaxed and you’re in a comfortable position.

Additional Actions of San Jiao 10:

  • Dissipating nodules and transforming phlegm: Helping get rid of lumps and thick mucus in the body.
  • Regulating and descending rebellious qi: Balancing and guiding the energy flow in the right direction, especially when it seems off track.
  • Calming the spirit: Soothing and relaxing the mind and emotions.
  • Clearing heat from the San Jiao channel: Cooling down excessive warmth or discomfort in specific energy pathways of the body.
  • Activating the meridian to relieve pain: Stimulating a specific energy pathway to help ease discomfort or pain.

Petitgrain Essential Oil - A Soothing Companion

To enhance the benefits of San Jiao 10, i like to use Petitgrain essential oil. Petitgrain is a refreshing and soothing oil that is renowned for its ability to disperse qi, uplift the spirit, and clear negative emotions. 

If you don't have Petitgrain, Wild Orange or Bergamot can serve as excellent alternatives.

Benefits of Petitgrain Essential Oil:

  • Eases headaches, migraines, and nausea
  • Uplifts and relaxes the mind
  • Anti-inflammatory properties
  • Assists with respiratory issues like asthma
  • Aids in insomnia relief
  • Beneficial for skincare

As you connect with San Jiao 10 and incorporate essential oils, you create a personal ritual promoting balance and well-being. You bring attention to this part of your body, to this part of the meridian, and you influence the qi in your whole system. It's a beautiful way to show yourself love.

How is this point for you? Feel free to share your experiences on Instagram or leave a comment on the YouTube video.

For more resources on Acupressure, Essential Oils, and the Five Elements according to Chinese medicine, explore our offerings here.

I hope you enjoy this exploration, and stay tuned for our next point and oil pairing.

Until then, embrace the harmony within!

🤍 Angela

Accredited Acupuncturist & Chinese Medicine Practitioner
Founder of Meridian Flow 


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