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acupressure chinese medicine qi Feb 17, 2022
Angela Chambers study

It’s been a little while since I sat down to write, I was in winter study mode and nourishing the seeds of my life vision by resting, going inward and keeping life simple.

Now as the qi of nature begins to rise again, I'm back to share with you exciting news about The Five Qi online experience and a new Qi practice for you: 

Getting through the virus last month led me to share a Qi recovery practice that helped me to get my energy back, in case you also want to support healing for yourself.

Practice Now

For a couple of weeks, the fresh energy of Wood, of spring and that change in light is daily getting stronger. Within me, the Yang qi is rising, bringing forth shoots from the seeds that laid buried all winter.

When we observe this process in nature, it always fascinates me how there is so much going on below the surface of the earth that is invisible to our eyes until suddenly there are green shoots everywhere. 

After a long winter, the energy of Wood moves upward and outward, nothing is stopping it. It finds a way towards the light, towards the fulfilment of the desire, if it doesn't, our body-mind will let us know.

Allowing ourselves to dream, to desire and to see our vision connects us immediately to our Wood energy.

Wood qi wants to be seen and heard this way. When Wood is in harmony we physically feel relaxed yet strong and flexible. We adapt to life with ease, we know where we are going and feel a purpose for our life. In contrast, Wood energy in disharmony may manifest as pain along the meridians, menstrual, hormonal issues and all kinds of frustration, anger and self-sabotage.

Thanks to the wisdom of Chinese medicine, we have tools and practices such as acupressure, food and plant medicine, energy cultivation and essential oils to bring back harmony and empower ourselves to take charge of our health and energetic fluency.

Discover the dominant elements within you with The Five Qi

Join me for this journey into the five elemental Qi to cultivate a deep understanding of each energy and how to align with it.

I will be there for you as you discover the elemental energies within and around you, sharing with you how to integrate this wisdom into your life. My teaching is grounded in the deep wisdom of Chinese medicine and my own experience of living life with the five through two decades. It brings me much joy to share the wisdom of Chinese medicine in the most practical way, for you to be able to take it and make your life better. 

Find out more in the Courses section of my website.



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