What do you feel during and after Acupuncture?

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Meridian Flow Acupuncture treatment with Angela Chambers

My very first Acupuncture treatment was not a comfortable experience as I was left lying on a barren, plastic-covered table, in my underwear with no cover, for a good 45 minutes. I was cold and had no idea what was happening. At that moment, I decided to create a very different experience for my own patients one day (that was in 1999, the same year I started my  studies in Chinese Medicine school in Sydney).

Today I love creating a highly relaxing, warm and welcoming atmosphere for my patients so they experience Acupuncture as a moment of deep rest and restoration each time. 

At my Meridian Flow Clinic, I take extra care that the treatment rooms and beds are warm, welcoming and comfortable. Patients may choose a relaxing Essential Oils to enhance the treatment strategy if they wish.


How do you feel post-treatment?


In the days that follow your Acupuncture treatment, sleep, digestion, and energy may be improved, pain and stress are reduced for some time depending on your situation.

I always ask my patients to observe various indicators such as pain reduction, sleep quality and digestion after their treatments to determine how Acupuncture works for them and adapt each subsequent treatment to be even more specific to the patient and their symptoms. 

You may experience some of the symptoms mentioned below, and that is a good sign! We'll explore why they are not only beneficial but a necessary part of Acupuncture.

Acupuncture is enhancing energy flow within the body, shifting stagnation that has been accumulating in your system for years.

When you realise how positive the after-effects of Acupuncture are, it’s much easier to deal with them and actually use them to continue and support the healing journey. I always show my patients how to continue the harmonising effects of their treatment at home with Self-Acupressure using an Essential Oil. 


Here are the most common experiences that you may encounter on your Acupuncture journey:


1. Feeling tired

Most people feel very calm and relaxed after their treatment; some may want to sleep or just take it easy. This is a sign that the body is continuing the healing process which the acupuncture started. Enjoy this effect, knowing it’s a great sign of recovery and restoration.

Sleep is the best way to support the body’s healing response, so no need to feel alarmed if you want to nap and rest after your treatment.

Give your body enough liquids in the form of water or herbal infusions to support the detoxification.


2. Feeling emotional 

This often happens during the treatments, and it’s a positive sign of the needles doing their work. Emotions are energy in motion, and tension may release during or after an Acupuncture session.

Some patients feel embarrassed for emotional outbursts, but I always encourage my patients to embrace the emotions that come up as it’s a sure sign that the energy in the body has started to move and release. It’s a beneficial reaction and it’s good to let the emotions flow through knowing that one feels better after. 

The acupuncture points work on a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual level to harmonize the body. The needles give the body an impulse into the direction of health, respectful of the fact that the body knows exactly what to do.

Release, whether its a cough or a crying outburst, is generally uncomfortable and happens at inconvenient times, but it is essential to transform health. When we accept and let go, we can move forward.

Journaling is a great way to continue to explore your emotions after treatments and helps to remember things that you want to share with me on your next treatment. Writing about whatever comes up allows your mind to release the feelings instead of running in circles around them.

Other ways to release are taking walks in nature, gentle movements, having a bath or drawing.


3. Symptoms appear stronger for a moment

Few people feel their symptoms worsening for a short amount of time before they subside. As the body is busy healing, it is processing whatever is standing in the way of healing. Although this is not always comfortable, it is an essential part of the healing journey.

The body needs to work through its symptoms to recover. To support the body in the healing process, drink lots of water, get plenty of sleep, and let the body do its work. 

Your body always wants to move towards homeostasis and balance naturally.  The more we understand our bodies, the easier it becomes to support ourselves through the healing journey.

I hope this helps you understand what’s happening in your body during and after an Acupuncture session. 

Let me know if you have questions, take good care of yourself and see you soon at Meridian Flow. 


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