Meridian Flow Acupuncture Treatment

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“Show me your tongue” is often one of the first things I ask when you come to see me in my Clinic.

Seeing your tongue shows me a reflection of what’s happening inside your body. Combined with checking your pulse and palpitating points on your energy lines, I get a clear picture of your personal YinYang balance. I like to explain to you what that means in your case before you lay down in the treatment bed.  You will be comfortable and warm and keep most of your clothes on. ( preferably wear loose pants and tops that easily expose lower arms and legs).


Relaxation during your acupuncture treatment

Together, we will choose an essential oil specifically for you before I insert the fine acupuncture needles into the distal points of your body (your arms, hands, legs and toes). You may feel the Qi (energy) sensation, a tingling or light pressure for a moment.

I help you to relax and let go so the needles can do their job. Your nervous system will switch from fight and flight to rest and restore. Beautiful music is playing, and you can feel the peace coming over you. You may even fall asleep, and that’s perfectly fine.

I leave you to relax while I attend to another patient in the next room and return to you after some time to remove the needles and assess how you are feeling.

Most people feel a deep sense of peace and calm; their pain is significantly reduced, and tension is relieved. I feel the difference in your pulse and observe the change in your energy field.

You then go home, sometimes with "homework" and let the healing continue until your next session.

This is a Meridian Flow acupuncture treatment. 💗


I'm a Licensed Chinese Medicine Practitioner, Acupuncturist and Qi Gong Practitioner with over two decades of experience in Chinese Medicine, Yoga and Qi Gong.
I run an integrative Practice of Chinese Medicine in La Tour-de-Peilz in Switzerland, where I specialised in the Balance Method system of Acupuncture (Si Yuan Balance method). I help people in my clinic and online to create health from the inside out.

You can find out more about my treatments by clicking here.


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