Acupressure For Life

A 5-Day Immersion to integrate Acupressure into your health routine for energetic balance and harmony



Empower yourself with the ancient wisdom of Chinese Medicine for daily well-being

“When you have your
health, you have a thousand
dreams. When you don’t,
you have one.”


Chinese Proverb

5 Days, 5 Elements, 12 Meridians.

Gift yourself this time to discover Meridian Flow Acupressure's powerful effects.

The Acupressure for Life Immersion is for those wanting to experience the benefits of Acupressure.

For lovingly guiding the body to its highest level of functioning and the mind to ground itself within. Acupressure is like a dear friend, always there when we need her.
Over the last two decades of practising Acupuncture and Qi Gong, assisting humans in their healing and continuing to heal myself, the Meridian Flow principles began to form and develop. 

My Acupressure programs are based on my years of study and experience and my deep passion for self-led health care.

Today I teach these principles in my courses, offering an ancient view of the body that perfectly applies to our modern health problems.

I just was able to watch three classes of your immersion and immediately felt this calling! I am a yoga therapist, and yin yoga is one of my favourite practices to share with my clients, teaching it through the spectrum of the meridians! I would love to integrate some acupressure points during the therapies!!

Thank you again for sharing your gifts! You are very inspiring 🙏💗

- Eva
Angela Chambers illustration


Every day for five days, you will receive a short Acupressure practice for an element and a downloadable worksheet. 

Day 1

  • Welcome to the timeless wisdom of Chinese Medicine and Acupressure
  • Introduction to Balance Method Acupressure
  • Earth Meridians - Always know how to come back to your centre.

Day 2

  • Metal Merdians - The importance of physical and energetic boundaries.

Day 3

  • Water Meridians - Strengthen the essence of who you are.

Day 4

  • Wood Meridians - Connect to your vision and transformation.

Day 5

  • Fire Meridians - Cultivate your passion and relationships.

Plus a Bonus Practice:

The Twelve Magical Points Sequence


Kind words from the live Acupressure for Life Immersion

Learn how to help yourself, anywhere, anytime with your hands and a few Acupressure points.

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