The Five Qi

Element Energetics

In this course, we willĀ dive deeper into the blueprint of The Five Qi andĀ identify the elements that are dominant within us.

This course is forĀ anyone who wants to lead themselves to radiant health through the wisdom of the five element teachings and ancient Chinese philosophy.

This course is offered in German and English.

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The Five is an invitation. An invitation to stop and look at your body and health in a completely different way. An invitation to establish a new relationship with your body. More caring, loving and respectful.An invitation to understand who you are and who you can be. An invitation to experiment, try and have fun too. A never ending learning. Thank you, Angela.

- Lali Roca, teacher.

Angela has a way of teaching that makes what often feels esoteric in the world of Acupuncture and Qi, much clearer and digestible. Thanks to Angela and this course I have a heightened level of awareness of my physical, emotional and mental states and have developed daily practices that help me thrive.

- Rena, Canada

The Five course was a pure gift to myself! Angela thoughtfully distilled and articulated complex Chinese Medicine into simple yet powerful ways to experience balance and healing. She generously shared her wisdom with a genuine enthusiasm for teaching and supporting others.

- Liz, USA