Winter is time for restoration and deep rest

meridians self-care the five elements Dec 15, 2020
Angela Chambers practicing a Kidney Meridian practice


Are you feeling tired and a little exhausted from this very particular year as well?
We find ourselves in very different circumstances than any other Christmas before. Thus this month I want to share with you ways to take care of your body and your energy through taking care of your Water element.
Some of you know, Winter belongs to the Water element in the Five element philosophy of Chinese Medicine.
It’s the time now to focus on the Qi (energy life force) reserves in your Kidney and Bladder energy system, from a Chinese medicine perspective.
Your kidneys and adrenals are your body’s main reservoirs of life energy.
They are crucial for balancing not only your hormones, energy level but also your emotions, and your resilience in life.
Now until December 21st is the most important time of the seasons for the regeneration of the Water element as the nature of Winter offers us powerful support in renewing our health and rejuvenating our body.
However, if we ignore this advice during this time and disperse our energy too carelessly, this time of the year can deplete the body’s health and immunity reserves more than any other.
“The principle of the interaction of the four seasons and of yin and yang is the foundation of everything in creation. Thus sages nurture their yang in the spring and summer and yin in the fall and winter in order to follow the rule of rules: therefore, unified with everything in creation, sages maintain themselves continuously at the Gate of Life.”
– Inner Classic, Healing with Whole Foods, Paul Pitchford

How to nourish the Water element in You 

Taken from The Five Course

  • Sleep and meditate more.
  • Speak less, enjoy moments of solitude and silence.
  • Nourish your body with quality water and herbal infusions, siping regularly throughout the day. (my favourite infusion is 1 stick of cinnamon, I drop of dōTERRA lime and hot water).
  • Go barefoot for a moment, especially in the mornings on grass that is still wet with the morning dew. You can connect your KI-1 (Kidney 1) Acupoint to the earth below and charge your body for the day. Or massage the point regularly. (Click the link to see how).
  • Keep your lower back and feet warm.
  • The emotion of fear is linked to the Water element. Notice how fear shows up in your life and enlist tools and help to work with it.
  • Respect and accept normal fluctuations in energy levels, be gentle with yourself and allow yourself to rest deeply whenever you need it.
  • Use healthy salts like Himalayan, Celtic, or unprocessed sea salt. Miso soup and tamari sauce are great choices too.
  • Enjoy Qi rich foods such as seasonal fruits and vegetables.
  • Foods you can add that generally tonify (nourish and replenish) the Water element: Black sesame seeds, walnuts, chestnuts, goji berries, all beans. Bone marrow, bone broth, vegetable soups and broths.

Remember that all the rest you take now, fortifies your energy for the season to come...



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