Acu Points & Essential Oils: Lung 5 and Eucalyptus

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Acu Point & Essential Oil Series with Angela Chambers


Welcome to the first of a series on acupressure and essential oils.

Each month, I will introduce you to one point and show you how to take care of the point, using an essential oil and stimulation so that you can begin a beautiful self-care practice and learn the basics of Acupressure.

If you prefer video, watch here: Acu Points and Essential Oils: Lung 5 & Eucalyptus Oil for the respiratory system


Combining essential oils and acupressure

Essential oils and acupressure massage are potent for your body's energy and overall well-being. This combination creates a simple yet super-effective routine that lets you be the queen of your well-being. Together, they tag-team to bring balance, relaxation, and a touch of healing to your body and mind.

This dynamic duo works wonders by boosting your energy flow, soothing your nervous system, and increasing your well-being. It's like your secret weapon for daily relaxation and inner zen.

The best part is that you get to customise it based on your unique needs and health goals.

Our focus today is on Lung 5 acupoint and Eucalyptus essential oil, but before we dive in, here is what you need to know about the Meridians (the channels that the acupoints are found on).

What are Meridians?

Meridians are energy line pathways that go through the body. Meridians connect to specific organs and functions, promoting harmony and balance between Yin and Yang energies. This energy flow contributes to emotional well-being and physical health, creating a network supporting your body's natural healing processes.

In simple terms, meridians are like gentle rivers nurturing every aspect of your being.
Knowing a little about energy pathways will help in your self-care towards radiant health, to really understand your energy system and know what to do in each moment.

We don't only have these lines that we see on the posters and the acupuncture dolls, but there are lots more connections on the inside. These are just the major meridians of the body that have been described by Chinese medicine for thousands of years and are one way for us to understand this system better. They are just the surface of a deeper network.

Lung 5

Lung 5, a point I love very much, is located along the Lung Tai Yin Meridian, and the point is also known as Cubit Marsh or Chize.
The lung meridian starts just below your clavicle bone and runs on the inside of the arm all the way over the thumb to the outer thumbnail.
To locate Lung 5, gently flex your elbow, finding it on the inner crease (in the depression at the radial side of the tendon of the biceps brachii). Despite its name, this point is not on the lungs or chest but connected to the lungs through the intricate network of energy lines.

The Actions of Lung 5:

  • Clears heat from the Lung and descends rebellious qi (cooling and detoxifying)
  • Regulates the water passages (improved circulation and excretion of body fluids)
  • Activates the channel (enhancing the function of energy pathways)
  • Relaxes the sinews and alleviates pain (improved mobility and function of the body)

Heat is seen in conditions such as bronchitis, yellow phlegm, a barking cough, a very red tongue, and fever. Additionally, it can help with asthma, fever, throat pain, and vomiting. These are all signs of heat in the lungs. Obviously, there's much more, and each person is unique and expresses heat signs slightly differently. But this gives you a basic understanding of what this point will treat.

It's an excellent point to stimulate if you have pain along this meridian, so in the front of the shoulder, towards the clavicle bone, the elbow, wrist or thumb, this would be a super point for you to use.
On an emotional level, this point can help to soothe anxiety, fear and sadness.

Massaging Lung 5

You may want to use a drop of eucalyptus or tea tree essential oil; there are many other oils you can use, so if you have experience with essential oils, then you can choose your oil according to what you want to focus on physically, mentally or emotionally.
Eucalyptus and Tea Tree essential oils are two common oils as they enhance the function of the lung energy system.

Apply a little bit of the oil to the point, rub it in very gently at first, and then get into position to stimulate the point. Have your forearm relaxed and resting on a surface.
Always massage your acupoints and meridians with gentle pressure and the intention of moving energy; you want to ensure that the energy in this meridian flows smoothly.
This point may feel tender, but that is totally normal and may indicate some stagnation of energy.

Stimulating this point will tonify (improve and increase the available energy) your lungs, helping them do their job efficiently and in peace.

Spend a few minutes on each arm and enjoy this moment to yourself. Let me know how you go with this point by reaching out on Instagram or leave a comment below the YouTube video.

I'll see you next month with a new point.

🤍 Angela

Accredited Acupuncturist & Chinese Medicine Practitioner
Founder of Meridian Flow 

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