3 ways to integrate Acupressure into your life

Hosted by Angela Chambers, a licensed Acupuncturist, Yoga Teacher and Teacher of Qi Cultivation


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An introduction to Acupressure and the benefits

Discover the basics of what Acupressure is and how this self-care practice can benefit your well-being

Learn ways to integrate it in your life

Make Self-Acupressure a part of your everyday life with my 3 practical tips

Practice a simple Acupressure Sequence

Learn some of the Acupressure points and how to stimulate them with a simple Acupressure routine

Join me,

for an online workshop where I will share the benefits of Acupressure with you. I will give you simple and effective strategies on how to integrate this beautiful self-healing practice into your life today. 



Self-acupressure is simple, efficient and beautiful to experience. You don't need to have a Chinese Medicine background to practice, anyone who would like to take care of their body's energy systems can learn it. 

It’s been practiced for thousands of years, effective and brings balance to body, mind and spirit. What I appreciate most about Acupressure is that you only need your hands to get started.



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