Meridian Flow Yoga Series

Meridian Flow yoga is a therapeutic, flowing form of yoga, based on the five Elements and the Meridian systems of the body


It's time to connect to your energy


Meridian Flow Yoga Series is a collection of 6 zoom class recordings that focus on creating a smooth flow of Qi (energy life force) in your body. Lead by Angela Chambers an Accredited Acupuncturist, Yoga Teacher and founder of Meridian Flow.


Join Angela on the mat as she shares with you the Meridian Flow Practices.

Angela guides you through a gentle, Qi enhancing 75 min practice focusing on different Meridians and Acupressure points in each class. 
These practices are designed for generally healthy individuals. Please check with your health care provider before you begin the practice.

Classes are tuned to the seasons, the five elements and the meridians.

Balance your body and energy system through movement and breathe.

Download and take the class in your own time from wherever you are.

“Yoga with Angela provides a moment in the day to focus on the pleasures of daily wellbeing.  Her approach to the practice of yoga nurtures a harmonious, non-competitive environment where anyone from beginner to the more experienced immediately feels welcome. Angela teaches Meridian Flow yoga, based on the ancient energy systems and meridians used in traditional Chinese medicine. Her classes are enhanced by the use of essential oils. Time on the mat in her classes is always a highlight of the week!”


- Meridian Flow Yoga Practitioner


You receive 6 Zoom Class recordings, plus a bonus class that you can download and practice in your own time.